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Strategic Public Relations

For firms looking to highlight their expertise and advance the awareness of its attorneys’ accomplishments.

In tandem with your in-house team of marketing specialists, ELPR will:

Hiring / Training

Let ELPR help your law firm build an effective and efficient media team.

The most high-profile situations a law firm faces are those that are the highest risk. Realize the competitive advantage of designing an in-house public relations team capable of working with outside strategic consultants to raise your law firm’s exposure.

ELPR works with law firms to enhance their in-house public relations team, including screening potential candidates and recruiting experienced talent. ELPR works with the firm to identify the proper size of its public relations group to efficiently and effectively accomplish its public relations initiatives, as well as help evaluate commensurate compensation levels of public relations personnel.

The most effective law firm public relations specialists rely on a diverse mix of skill sets to handle everything from media outreach to those high-profile events that invariably attract press inquiries, including:

Your public relations specialists will acquire these skills in a hands-on environment, primarily by engaging in real world, real time issues under the supervision of ELPR.

Media Placement

ELPR can help you design a media plan that reflects your short-term and long-term public relations goals.

Legal Media Training Seminar

The Legal Media Training Seminar examines the nature of public relations and its relationship to law firms.

The principal objective of Legal Media Training Seminar is to give those in the legal industry an understanding of the media’s function in building a law firm.

Today more than ever, law firms are using public relations to support their marketing and business development position. As law firms continue to evolve, strategic media relations will become an increasingly critical part of your marketing efforts.

ELPR’s legal media training seminar is a one-day course designed for in-house professionals. The intensive seminar focuses on strategic communications, tactics, and the requisite new media skills for today’s legal marketing professionals—how to handle the press in a merger, how to maximize your value-add to a client in a crisis, and how to say “no” to a partner in order to keep your priorities and budget in place while still implementing effective firm strategy.

Legal Media Training Program

ELPR’s Legal Media Training Program is a two-day course designed for in-house public relations staff.

The program focuses on strategic communications, tactics, and the requisite media skills for today’s legal marketing professionals.

Program participants gain a sophisticated understanding of legal public relations that apply to daily law firm activity. In addition to teaching you how to use publicity to support branding activity and increase the number of media placements, this training will develop a diverse set of skills that helps in-house public relations staff become an influential advisor to the law firm’s partners.

Such skills include how to handle the press during merger negotiations, how to increase your value-add to a client in a crisis, and how to say “no” to a partner in order to keep your priorities and budget in place while still maintaining an effective strategy.


Media Audits